Covid-19 Workplace Strategy

Redesign of Work and Workplace in the Post COVID Reality


We can help you on the path to workspace readiness


Strategy and best practices including process and technology for comprehensive solutions that prepare your workspaces  and people to return to work.  We will guide the design of your workplace roadmap and communications strategy so that your employees can return safely and be productive.  Finally, we will help you realign your real estate to be agile so that it supports your new work environment in an uncertain future.

Strategy & Planning
Prepare the workspace
Prepare People

Workplace Strategy

Data Sources

Technology infrastructure

Who comes back

Planning re-opening

Contingency plans

Communication plan

Initial return

Employee surveys

Scaling up


Facilities & cleaning protocols

Touchless technology 

Disinfection stations

Partnership with landlords

COVID 19 reporting


Gathering & spatial planning

Visitor & travel policy

Screening, tracking and tracing


Build trust through communications

Privacy considerations 

OSHA & other considerations

Road Ahead

Reconfiguring the real estate portfolio

Increasing productivity through technology

Evolving protocols